Sunday, June 20, 2010

Past History of Tuberculosis- VIsa Problems

Past History of Tuberculosis- VIsa Problems?
Hi I have a past history of TB which has been cured completely. However, the X-Ray still shows signs of the TB. I want to know if while applying for Visas or Work Permits, is there a chance that I can be denied the visa/work permits?
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You'll always test positive for the disease even if it is not active any more but you alreay know that. I'm a nurse and even if I did test positive, if I carry the documentation from my doctor that I've been through treatment, despite any scaring in my lungs, I can still work. Unless that is a direct question you have to answer in order to get a visa, don't offer info on your past medical issues. Do make copies of a work release from you treating physican though. Never give any goverment offical your only copy of medical records. I honest can not give you a concrete yes or no answer because this world is getting seriously weird but if a nurse can have had TB and still be able to work, I don't know why you couldn't. check it out on the immigration web site of where ever you are going

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